Sunday, July 13, 2014

My New York Trip

 As a child, I dreamed of traveling the world and seeing all there is to see. This past June thanks to my friend's generous grandparents I was able to go to New York City! Never having experienced a plane ride or even an airport, I obsessively searched all over the internet for videos titled with things such as, "what to wear to the airport?", "what to bring for carry-on?", and my personal favorite "how to not panic on a plane?". To put it simply I was very thorough. In the end I had a blast and saw such a different scene than the steady paced city of Los Angeles. The change from LA to NY was quite drastic. For one, I had never seen a rat in my life until I was walking back to my hotel at 1 AM and spotted several chilling in some trash bags (even in strappy sandals I made a run for it). Aside from that I fell in love with the busy crowd, the constant honking, and the beautiful Brownstone buildings. I wish my short 4 day trip was much longer but I am glad I was able to go through such a memorable time! 

 Below are a few favorite photos I took during my time in the city:

I hope your summer is going well and you are all having fun! Loads of love! 

take care,

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Daily Inspiration

Many teen girls such as myself tend to waste away many hours of our precious young lives scrolling endlessly on the iconic website, Tumblr. Now don't get me wrong, I do in fact 'reblog' my fair share of hilarious "The Office" scenes because who wouldn't?? But I also use these post to inspire my fashion choices and makeup looks.

For this installment of my blog I am going to show y'all a few photos I have taken from Tumblr that mold the way I dress from time to time.

And I couldn't forget the ultimate fashion inspo known all across the world... CLUELESS! My absolute favorite coming-of-age movie that was gifted to me by my best-best-best friend (love u Anam).

Hope you enjoyed my short and sweet post! 

take care,


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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello... Again

So, in the blur of school, family, friends, and rewatching Clueless 5 times in 3 days I have seem to neglected my blog. Not cool. I don't know if anyone even bothers to keep up with me; however, it's a creative outlet for me so I'd like to keep at it. At the moment, I am out of ideas to release among y'all, but I am in fact traveling to New York City in the month of June so I will be keeping track of that! I'll be going to all of the typical tourist-y places which should be a blast. I will try to think of something creative to do in the meantime, so please send positive thinking vibes through your internet device for me. 
Nice talking again 

take care,

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wardrobe Essentials

Living in LA, you are exposed to all sorts of fashion. A range of styles can be seen in all of the city from a few statement rings on each finger to a Stevie Nicks-esque shawl. Though I am trying to build a 75% black wardrobe I try to pick up as many fashion tips from the world around me. This includes celebrities, Youtubers (bless Claire Marshall and Jenn Im), and even friends. I will not state as I lay on my stomach in my bed (uncomfortably may I add) that I am some kind of fashion prodigy because let's face it, I'm not. I can still remember the bright orange skinny jeans I wore frequently in 6th+ grade. And don't even get me started on my Nike Dunk Low GS Patent Rainbow shoes... Those train wrecks are for an(ever)other day. 
Those were not my finest moments.
 Aside from that catastrophe I can say I have grown a great amount since then in my fashion tastes and with luck I can give an insight on a few key clothing/accessory essentials that are hanging in my clothing rack.

White T
The basic white t-shirt. Any outfit from a lazy 'I'm not feeling the whole "school" thing' complete with your favorite pair of sweats, to a sophisticated blazer. A white shirt can be dressed up or down. (these ramblings apply to black shirts as well)

Black Boots
When I'm not wearing my sister's "I heart my (non-existent) boyfriend" slippers you can usually find ya girl in a pair of solid black boots. They're very dependable and look great with jeans, even a dress.

Dark Jeans 
On the subject of boots, I am constantly finding myself pairing my ankle boots with some rolled up dark washed jeans. Just for the sake that it makes me feel much more cooler than I actually am.

Black Dress
The common black dress could either appear as funeral attire or be an article of clothing you make your own. I like to arrange it with a distressed jean jacket or if I am not feeling like a rebel teen (which I feel about 6 days out of the week) I would wear it with a neutral toned coat.

Black Circle Skirt
If there's one thing I love other than Fatburger's Oreo milkshake, it's wearing skirts. A black circle skirt is whimsical and can be conjoined with basically anything. Regular shirts, crop tops, etc. the choice is endless.

Striped Shirt
Wearing stripes brings me back to my adolescent days (try roughly 3 years ago) of trying to dress similarly to my One Direction idol, Louis Tomlinson. But aside from that embarrassing scenario I love wearing striped shirts with simple bottoms such as jeans.

Band Tee
Nothing is better than standing in line before/after your favorite band has taken the stage to buy merch. If merch buying was an Olympic sport I would take the gold medal. It would take a lot to make a band tee seem any less cool.

Thus concludes my favorite articles of clothing! I can only hope this brought at least a smidge of insight into how I dress. Sorry for the absence of posts but I promise to be much more consistent in the future. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my attempt at blogging it is greatly appreciated. 

take care,

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hello friends, Internet and real world alike. For the longest time I have contemplated whether or not I should attempt at the whole blogging thing, but my passion is writing and I figured, "Hey! Why not?" I knew I had a knack for writing ever since the days of preteen angst diary entries. I would write elaborate pages drawling on about how I was feeling and it was in such a detailed manner that I wrote constantly. So I hope to continue that pointless drawling but to a broader audience other than reading out loud to my stuffed monkey, Mike
Anyways, here are a few interesting - or I at least think so - facts about moi.

  1. I'm a student in the LA area (and no I do not see celebrities as I walk the streets if you were wondering)
  2. I love the idea of gardening yet I have never even owned a plant let alone watered one; my favorite kind of plants are succulents
  3. My favorite word is lucid
  4. I hope to be a psychologist or writer when I'm older
  5. I loooove Childish Gambino but I can go for a nice concerto or two every once in a while 
And I like long walks on the beach yada-yada. 
I hope you all enjoyed this brief post and I can't wait to update and try out this new episode in my life. 

take care,